Azadi ke Sapoot

Client: Alkem Pharmaceuticals

Why: India won its Independence in 1947. Since then, India’s been a free country. But freedom often comes with a price, and many people have to pay for it. Doctors are an integral part of a country’s growth. And this hard-fought freedom needs to be protected and preserved. Doctors are the Heroes who protect this Independence by saving people’s lives and keeping the Nation healthy. This service needs applause.

What: On this Independence Day, we decided to tribute these doctors and thank them for their service to our Nation.

How: A Personalized Video for each doctor with their name and a photo was created. A series of nearly 4,500 personalized videos were sent to the doctors with their names and photo with a tribute song in the background.

Brand Opportunity: With such personalized videos, every Doctor thought it was exclusively created for them. This created a personal bond between the doctors and the brand making it share-worthy content. The brand’s presence in the form of a logo made it reach a wider audience. This made a huge impact as more and more doctors associated it with their goodwill..


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