Forever For Heroes

Client: udChalo

Why: Every great brand wishes to be with its beloved customers forever. It pledges to contribute and support them in every way possible. It takes pride in the glory of its customers. And when your customers are the most elite citizens of the country, the pride gets amplified. udChalo is proudly serving ‘The Armed Forces of India’ for nearly a decade now. It also wants to say that it’s been standing behind its customer’s journeys, making it convenient, and wishes to continue doing it forever. udChalo is proudly associated with one generation of soldiers to another and making their lives simpler.

What: Showing how udChalo is helping in the journeys of soldiers and making their lives simpler through travel and by bringing in more and more services. Generations of Soldiers are associated with udChalo and have been using their services happily. udChalo is serving those Heroes who serve their country. Forever! Thus- #ForeverForHeroes

How: A Film showing a Son who is ready to serve the Defence forces is being intimidated by his father about how difficult his life will be and what he will be missing being away from home. But the Son is determined to serve the country that he has learned from his father itself. The Film was circulated widely on social media and offline through other platforms. 

Brand Opportunity: Through this campaign, udChalo portrayed itself as a brand that is forever obliged to serve the real heroes of this country. It created a deep impact, not only on the serving officers but also on retired veterans and those who are about to join the Armed forces


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