Let Our Future Know

Client: udChalo

Why: Every country has its own legacy when it comes to WARS. India has one too. It’s proudly known as KARGIL WAR. But our Education system rarely takes notice of this and Kargil doesn’t find any special place in our Syllabus. Subsequently, our Kids don’t know much about the details and the Heroes of this WAR. #LetOurFutureKnow urges our audience to make our Kids aware of our Kargil War and Let Our Future Know.

What: Asking our Children what do they know about history in a very raw manner. Testing their knowledge about western countries vs our Indian legacy. This comparison helped us to become aware of how much really our kids know about our own legacy and how we can make them aware of it.

How: A Social experimental film showing children being gathered at a place and randomly asked questions about other Wars and then about Kargil War. The moment they’re asked about Kargil it shows they lack some information about it. Then at last we appeal that India has a legacy that needs to be heard by every ear and processed by every brain of this country. Along with it, a website was created with all the knowledge and information about the Kargil war in form of Books and Blogs. This showed that we not only talk about problems but try to solve them too.

Brand Opportunity: With this Campaign udChalo not only created awareness about Indian Valor but also started a healthy conversation amongst people about this topic and how our education system should include the epicness of Kargil into our History books unlike other western wars.


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