Salaam Veteran

Client: udChalo

 Why: Veterans are the Heroes of our Past, Examples of today and role models of tomorrow. They have sacrificed their lives for the service of our Motherland. But as they finish their duty and come back to civilian life, they seldom get appreciated for their contributions. #SalaamVeteran urges people to do so, to thank them for their service towards our Nation. The respect they deserve is awaiting. We the citizens of India must salute them for their bravery.

 What: A message from the upcoming generation, the kids towards their real role model the Veterans. A dream of every citizen saying Salaam Veteran whenever they see a veteran around them.

How: A film with a Veteran Actor Padmashree Dr. Mohan Agashe disguised as a war Veteran was shot. A letter from the Kids saying thank you to their real hero was the message to the entire country. The film ended with a high note of patriotism and bravery. 

Brand Opportunity: This campaign created a feel-good feeling for the war veterans. They and their families appreciated that there’s a brand that cares for them, shares their stories, and considers them as heroes. As veterans are the seniors, all the defense fraternity regarded their respects towards this campaign which made this brand a brand of soldiers.


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